GEA - Health Insurance Q&A: Your Health Insurance Questions Answered
GEA - Health Insurance Q&A: Your Health Insurance Questions Answered
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GEA - Health Insurance Q&A: Your Health Insurance Questions Answered

October 20, 2023

Health insurance can sometimes be overwhelming with the numerous plan terms and coverage options, but it doesn't have to be! We have your health insurance questions answered so you're able to make more informed decisions about your family's coverage and gain a clear understanding of your policy options.

What is the membership eligibility?

Government Employees Association (GEA) was established to provide active and retired federal, state and local government employees (including members of the military and National Guard services) with a network of resources.

GEO members include active and retired government employees and their families. Eligible government employees include the following:

  • State
  • Federal
  • Local
  • Civilian
  • Military

Download the application.

what does the TRIcare supplement insurance plan cover?

The TRICARE Supplement Insurance Plan pays eligible out-of-pocket expenses, after any applicable deductible, as follows:

  • 100F% of excess charges above the TRICARE Select allowable amount, not to exceed the legal limit of 115% of the TRICARE allowable amount
  • 100% of cost shares and excess charges for Prime point of service
  • 100% of the daily subsistence from a government facility
  • The daily inpatient charges from the first day

How does the tricare supplement insurance plan work with co-pays?

If TRICARE covers that prescription, your supplement plan will reimburse the co-pays after your deductibles are met.

is there a pre-existing conditions limitation?

If you or your covered dependents received medical care for an injury or sickness during the six months before the date your coverage begins, coverage of that condition won't start until the person has been enrolled in the plan for six months.

What are the member benefits?

Government Employees Association (GEA) continuously strives to provide our members with enhanced insurance benefits and superior customer service. We guarantee you the opportunity to examine and compare our association insurance plans. We also guarantee open communications with our members through the website and updated news and blog posts. 

Additionally, the thousands of government employees who belong to the association give GEA the power of mass purchasing. Mass purchasing enables GEA to secure financial plans with especially economical group rates. As a result, GEA members receive the opportunity to apply for insurance programs with attractive premiums.

if my spouse is going through psychiatric treatment with a co-pay every time, how do we get reimbursed?

Co-payments are paid when a claim is submitted after a deductible(s) is met (if applicable). After the co-payments are paid, submit the claim to be reimbursed.

how can this supplemental coverage help me if I'm a Tricare Prime retiree with excess out-of-pocket expenses? what are the costs of something like this?

The TRICARE supplement is designed to cover excess out-of-pocket expenses. Call for more details or to request additional information.

my child is 15 years old and has been recently diagnosed as a type 1 diabetic. does the Tricare supplement insurance plan help cover the co-pays for glucose monitors and insulin pumps?

We can definitely help your family! There is a six-month waiting period for pre-existing conditions, but once that time has passed we will pick up the portion TRICARE does not pay.

I recently got a prescription and Tricare didn't pay for it. will my supplemental plan cover it?

TRICARE covers most prescription drugs approved by the Food and Drug Administration. Unfortunately, if TRICARE does not cover your prescription, your supplemental plan will not either.


We hope this Q&A better equips you to make the best choices that safeguard your health with health insurance. Have additional questions? Call a TRICARE Supplement Insurance Plan Specialist at 888-214-0794.


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