Financial Planning
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Financial Planning


GEA members have access to a range of tools designed to help them make financial decisions and develop solid financial plans.

How much home can I afford?

Since most people finance their home purchases, buying a house usually means getting a mortgage. So, the amount you can afford to spend on a house is often tied to figuring out how large a mortgage you can afford. To figure this out, the mortgage qualifier calculator steps you through the process based on income, purchase price or total monthly payment. 

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What am I spending my money on?

Managing your monthly budget can be difficult and frustrating. One of the most important aspects of controlling your budget is to determine where your money is going. This calculator helps you do just that. By entering your income and monthly expenditures, you can see how much you have left to save and where your money is being spent. 

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Life Insurance Calculator

How much life insurance do you need? Enter your current assets, expenses and income. You can also adjust the inflation rate and your expected rate of return to see how these variables can impact your insurance needs. 

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Life Expectancy

How much you need for retirement depends a great deal on how long you expect to live. This calculator can give you an idea of your life expectancy based on your current age, smoking habits, gender and several other important lifestyle choices. 

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Disability Insurance

One of the most common causes of income loss is through a disability. While most disabilities cause only temporary loss of income, any income loss can be devastating if you are not financially prepared. This calculator helps you determine how much disability insurance you may need to cover expenses during such a disability. 

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