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Life Insurance Myths & Misconceptions Webinar

Did you know...

  • Nearly half of all Americans have no form of life insurance coverage.
  • Yet more than 100 Million Americans say they need coverage or need more of it.
  • People who own life insurance are more likely to say they are financially secure than those that don't own coverage.*

Several myths and misconceptions about life insurance often prevent consumers from getting the coverage they need so GEA has partnered with eFinancial to help clear those up and offer members a chance to get protected.

Chris Rzany, an experienced insurance professional, from eFinancial and Fidelity Life hosted a webinar for GEA members on Life Insurance Myths & Misconceptions. Missed the live webinar? No worries! Fill out the form below to watch the webinar on-demand.

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Invitations for application for life insurance on eFinancial.com are made through Efiiancial, LLC or through its designated agent, Michael Bowcock, only where licensed and appointed. License numbers are available upon request and are automatically provided where required by law. Michael Bowcock is a licensed life insurance agent in all 50 states, including the District of Columbia, and his resident state of Illinois. Michael Bowcock's Illinois license number is 11736943; in California, 0G99555; in Louisiana, 589562; in Minnesota, 40333060; in Utah, 445133; in Massachusetts, 1884080; and in Texas, 1617308. Efinancial, LLC's California license number (d/b/a eFinancial Term Insurance Services) is 0F37537; in Louisiana, 323680 and in Utah, 104501.

Insurers: American General Life and Accident Insurance Company, Nashville, TN; Banner Life Insurance Company, Frederick, MD, and William Penn Life Insurance Company, Garden City, NY, both Legal & General America companies; Fidelity Life Association, A Legal Reserve Life Insurance Company, Chicago, IL; Protective Life and Annuity, Birmingham, AL; Pruco Life Insurance Company, Newark, NJ and Pruco Life Insurance Company of New Jersey, Newark, NJ, member companies of Prudential Financial, Inc., Newark, NJ; Transamerica Financial Life Insurance Company, Harrison, NY, and Transamerica Life Insurance Company, Cedar Rapids, IA, both AEGON companies.

Products, rates and time required to purchase a policy vary by insurer.

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